Cancellation Policy & Refund

Cancellation Policy & Refund Policy
Cancellations within 24 hours of our appt. time will incur a 50% payment of rate. Cancellations incurred within 12 hours of our appt. time will incur 100% payment of rate. Payments can be made using Apple Pay, Venmo, Cash App or Moneypak No call/No Shows will be automatically blacklisted. If you placed a deposit and then cancelled our session within the 24hrs before or any time after then you have forfeited that deposit. ( Please make enough time to have in case of either one of us is late. Things do happen we are only human .) Refunds – if in event where you are not able to schedule upon my schedule then that deposit will be considered as a credit towards the next session. Thank you for your understanding of my time and commitment.

If you cancel twice in a row I will no longer accept requests from you. Thank you for understanding.