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In this section you’ll get very useful information.
Do read it

Well No worries I’ve made this whole page about how I do things and what to expect from me if you have choosed to pick me as your provider. Please do know that this is my expectations and how I run my business. Every provider does there own thing and will be different then others. It’s always good to fully read up on the provider you are wanting to see. Like there advertising sites or if they have a website those are the best to find out more about them and how they run there business. 

Let’s Start

First off make sure you do take your time to know that I’m the one you really want to meet. Once you have done your homework on me and is 100% sure I’m the one then you want to start by accessing my Availability & Screening Form. Once you have access to my form please fill everything out. Even if you are new. Once you have completed your form and have submitted it. Then you should go ahead and place you deposit. And then shoot over a Text/Email saying you have done your form submission and have placed your deposit. Once I have verified the info you’ve provided you will then be asked to go onto my booking page and add your desired date and time. 

Here is the steps to take to start the Screening process. Don’t worry it is really painless. Pay Attention to every details. 

Following list is my suggestion

  • Do your homework on me. Look up reviews
  • Read all information on who I am.
  • Once you are 100% sure then start filling out form & submit deposit.
  • Please be patient & understanding
  • Make sure to read your emails & keep communication.

First Name
Age ( 30 or Older )
Race ( No AA )
Mobile #

Desired Session details

After the session has started I expect the donation to be placed on a table in clear view as soon as you walk or when I have arrived. It’s really akward to have to ask for the donation so let’s make sure to get it outta the way at the start of the appointment. 

Once we both have knowledge each other I then we’ll ask for you to sit down and talk a little get to know each other more and go from there. (Newbies do keep in mind bare minim is 60 min Sessions) due to the fact you might be nervous or uptight. And you need time to adjust and feel more at ease. Also do know that there is no need to impress me. I will like you for who you are. 

I will always be Honest and will never judge you or anyone. I am a open minded person and have done lots and lots of my own research on being the best Upscaled provider possible. I’m the real deal. Never have to worry about me being fake or acting for mine or your Benefit. I am a firm believer that life is short and I have no room for any of that. 

Now once you have read all the information I have put on here for your knowledge and comfort. I asked that you go to My Availability & Encounters section to get more acquainted with my sessions types and donations.

Available Sessions

Once you have check out my types of sessions you’ll then know what to put on your Screening form. Which I asked that you go do now after reading this.

Screening Form

Links for New Hobbyists